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What is the difference between a Founding Creative and a member?

An artist who joins the Commune will become a member at no cost. Prior to launch, we're offering all members an opportunity to become a Founding Creative and secure all future premium features via a one-time payment of $33.00. This offer will not be available after New Digital Commune launches and is limited to our first thousand contributors. After we launch, members will have the option to become premium members to access extended features through annual payments.

When will New Digital Commune launch and where will it be available?

We plan to launch in early 2024 and the mobile application will be available for free download in the US Apple Store.

When will New Digital Commune be available outside of the US?

As our community continues to grow, accessibility on a global level will gradually increase. We look to share updates on this expansion as the time draws near. In the meantime, you are welcome to log a vote on our Global Availability page.

Will the mobile application be available for Android in the future?

Good question. Although we have plans for accessibility for the Android user, we are unsure when this will become available to our community.

If you have further questions please feel free to ask us through our contact page.


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