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Community Guidelines

I. Be Respectful – New Digital Commune is meant for creatives to connect and thrive both personally and professionally. Because of this, we value safety and respect— and we take this seriously. To be clear, we do not tolerate online bullying, harassment, hate speech, or discrimination in any capacity including any type of verbal, physical, or written violence against anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, or health conditions. Reports will be reviewed and actioned by our team. Further, this is not a place for illegal activity of any kind. Keep in mind that the way you move in this space will be seen by countless potential clients and connections. Your activity reflects your brand, so act accordingly.


II. Be Professional – What makes The Commune different than other media sharing platforms is that our focus is on presenting each user’s profile as their own microsite. Keep your portfolio organized and only post original content. If part of your content contains work from another artist, be sure to request permission from them before sharing, and to give proper credit for any media used. All creatives reserve the right to have any of their work removed that was shared or used without consent/legal rights.


III. Connect With Others — The best way to build your network is to utilize the Toolkit to find other creatives to add to your network. Utilize your personal Contact Card found in the Rolodex when meeting up with people in person or online to invite them to your network. Engage in reposting your connections’ published work – this goes miles for your connections, building mutual respect and rapport.


IV. Explicit Content – We understand and anticipate that nudity can be a part of one’s portfolio. Content clearly defined as pornography is not allowed. Please leave this type of content for other appropriate sites. For further details, please review or Terms of Use.


Thank you for doing your part to contribute to the safety and professional environment that is New Digital Commune.


Note: These guidelines are subject to change at any time. As our community grows, we will learn more about how to keep each other safe here. In addition, we will be continuously introducing new features, which will also affect our interactions. So if or when necessary, we will revise this to reflect the needs of our network. 

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