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Users may now find relief from the constraints of conventional platforms and paradigms in the genesis of New Digital Commune:

an inclusive arena where text, audio, video, photograph, and employment opportunities synergistically coexist.

A centralized community is absent from the social media landscape;

We are developing a new platform for artists to connect – with emphasis on professional growth, visibility, and reducing limitations of expression. We begin with an invitation to a new world of possibilities free of distractions, advertisements, and mainstream algorithms.

it lives in fragments across the digital realm.

Present your portfolio, build your network, explore opportunities, and advance your career in a new social network

built by creatives for creatives.

We have offered our initial group of users the opportunity to become a Founding Creative.


While the application will be free to download and use, extended features will be accessible through annual memberships. 


By contributing to the Commune as a Founding Creative, you are supporting our inception and gaining exclusive access to a community and tools that will help propel your career in the arts. You will be granted a lifetime membership to all current and future premium features within the application.

At this time, all pre-release lifetime memberships have been secured for the US. We look forward to introducing our extended tools in our next release.

The Commune is an ad-free mobile tool to help you, as a creative individual, build your own digital Rolodex and engage with your community. Rather than scattered across multiple platforms, think of us as a reinvented home for creatives, without the burn-your-wallet premium.


Being a part of a community means having a voice – we encourage your individualized feedback to inform in what ways you'd like to see our application evolve. Through a wide range of industry professionals with unique ideas, your insight will help us improve our digital tools in order to best support the needs of all creatives alike.

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